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XLA FlexBlend DWR Fabric

  1. Durable Water Repellency: Enhanced with a robust DWR treatment, the fabric resists water, ensuring industrial workers stay dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.

  2. Flexibility and Comfort: The combination of polyester, cotton, and EOL fibers ensures a balance between flexibility, durability, and comfort. The fabric moves with the wearer, providing ease of movement during tasks.

  3. Breathability: Despite its water repellency, the fabric remains breathable. This feature promotes airflow, preventing overheating and moisture build-up, enhancing wearer comfort.

  4. Chemical Resistance: The fabric is engineered to resist various chemicals and oils commonly encountered in industrial settings, adding an extra layer of protection for workers.

  5. High-Temperature Resistance: Suitable for environments with elevated temperatures, the fabric maintains its structural integrity and performance even under heat stress.

  6. Customizable Designs: The fabric can be customized in terms of color, pattern, and weight to suit specific industrial workwear requirements. Reflective elements and branding options can also be added for enhanced visibility and corporate identity.


  • Industrial Workwear: Perfect for uniforms, coveralls, and jackets for industrial workers, providing protection against water, chemicals, and flexibility for movement.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Ideal for workers in the oil and gas sector, offering resistance against both water and oil-based substances while ensuring comfort during long shifts.

  • Factory Environments: Suitable for workers in manufacturing and assembly lines where protection against liquids and flexibility are crucial.

  • Mechanical and Automotive Workshops: Provides durability and flexibility for mechanics and technicians working with machinery and tools.

  • Outdoor Industrial Tasks: Suitable for outdoor tasks in construction, forestry, and agriculture, offering protection against rain and moisture.

Manufacturer: Levitex - A leading manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality industrial textiles tailored to meet the demands of modern workplaces. This XLA FlexBlend DWR fabric sample serves as an innovative solution for industrial workwear, combining water resistance, flexibility, durability, and comfort. Its versatility and customization options make it an excellent choice for various industrial applications.


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