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Our company focuses on know-how solutions for narrow specialized industries. Here are some top-notch solutions which we use in different fabrics:

Yarn Spinning:

Sometimes when high pilling or abrasion resistance/ tear & tensile / greige cleanliness are required – we use Long Staple Cotton, High Tenacity Polyester or Nylon 6.6 fiber in siro / siro-compact yarn. Most of the yarns are developed and ordered by LEVITEX engineers on the best mills in China & Pakistan. We never use “ready-made” stock solutions in our greige.

Greige Weaving: 

Being a weaving factory LEVITEX technologies play a very big role in defining quality of greige and finished fabric. Our own weaving equipment – is our main advantage in terms of quality, price and production time. Well-known Japanese brands TSUDAKOMA and TOYOTA of our weaving machines in combination with the best yarns we use – say everything about quality of LEVITEX greige. 

Dyeing technologies:

Depending on usage requirements of one or the other industry – we use German, British, Korean or Chinese dyestuff, as well as VAT dyestuff (even for printing – for example, in military camouflage patterns), using continuous / overdyeing technologies. Combining with good greige – these dyeing technologies help achieve high color fastness (wet/dry/wash), better tear&tensile, high xenon color fastness, multiple industrial washings, low formaldehyde, high visibility (EN20471) and other characteristics.

Finishing Technologies:
Water repellency WR testing on military fabrics.jpg

MWR, DWR, WR, OR, DR, anti-acid, anti-dirt, anti-oil, anti-bacterial, anti-IR, easy-care, anti-xenon, multiple industrial washings, FR/CP, and many other finishing agents could be used. Being a fabric supplier for oil&gas industry – we provide CVC/NC/Cotton FR antistatic fabrics with MWR finishing with multiple industrial washings and easy-care on the top. 


As far as it takes from fiber to yarn, from yarn to greige, from greige to dyed fabric, from PD to finished fabric – LEVITEX team is always on site. Our testing facilities on greige and dyeing factories provide us with deeper understanding of physical characteristics of each bulk. We test yarn evenness, density, tear&tensile, water pressure, color fastness to dry / wet rubbing, washing, nylon / poly / cotton / viscose, pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, water and oil resistance, acid resistance, color fastness to light and many other parameters. All the best to guarantee top-notch quality for our clients. 

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