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Working in textile industry my whole life, I’ve devoted myself to develop new know-how solutions, new interesting fabrics, new constructions, technologies and finishings. Me personally and LEVITEX team are in love with fabrics, everyone in our team is self-motivated to achieve new horizons in quality and technology development. 

Being a graduate from Donghua University Textiles Engineering Faculty, I’ve started my career from coating factory, then I’ve been working for a government dyeing mill for a decade, and finally opened a weaving factory, which is now functioning under LEVITEX brand.

Having a production line with good equipment and huge workshop is not enough. Most important are people. It was very hard to assemble a team of skilled professionals, who are in love with what they are doing. During past decade – we’ve made it possible. And I’m proud to present my child: LEVITEX.

Thank you for being with us,Wish you great success in your business!
And remember, you are always welcome to have a cup of tea and a tour of our facilities. 

Best Regards,
Mr Zhuang Jian Dong
Suzhou Levitex Weaving Co., Ltd

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