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Trend colors 2023

Coloro and WSGN have announced 5 trend colors for 2023, including digital lavender, luscious red, sundial, tranquil blue and verdigris. Our team believes that not only the fashion industry, but also workwear manufacturers can follow color trends. So let`s have a look at these colors!

1. Digital Lavender

Coloro number – 134-67-16

Lavender was represented as the color of the year. This pastel color represents calmness and mental health.

2. Luscious Red

Coloro number – 010-46-36

The warm color, mix of red and pink. Red is a powerful color that can raise the heart rate, and this particular hue has a lightness and translucency.

3. Sundia

Coloro number – 028-59-26

With an increased interest in a more sustainable and balanced life, natural yellows such as Sundial have come into fashion.

4. Tranquil Blue

Coloro number – 114-57-24

Light and clean colour associates with water and air. It is a great choice for

medical uniform as it represents calmness, clarity and harmony.

5. Verdigris

Coloro number – 092-38-21

This color trend associated to outwear and sportswear. Verdigris is a rich color, which sits between green and blue.


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