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Stretch fabrics: Spandex, Mechanical stretch and EOL-fiber

Workwear should not only have a good protection against water, fire, or chemical attacks, but also be comfortable to wear. It is important that the fabric adapts and repeats the contours of the human body, does not impede movements, and helps during intensive work. Therefore, our customers choose stretch fabrics. We offer 3 different types of stretch in our catalogue.

1. Spandex.

Spandex or elastane is an incredibly elastic synthetic material. Those fabrics fit to the body, can be used for a long time, as they retain their shape and length.

Stretch Canvas - Cotton 57%, Polyester 40%, Spandex 3%

2. Mechanical stretch.

Created without the addition of extra materials during the finishing process. It is the most "natural " kind of stretch. Although it is not as elastic as spandex, mechanical stretch is easy to care, breathable and soft to the touch.

Cosmo Stretch - 33% Cotton, 67% Polyester

3. EOL fiber.

Innovative technologies with the addition of elastofelin. These fabrics have unique elasticity properties: unlike Spandex, EOL-fiber is more resistant to industrial washings, keeping fabrics’ premium look and elasticity longer.

Stretch-Comfort-245 - 64% polyester, 34% Cotton, 2% EOL


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