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Cosmo Stretch MWR

COSMO STRETCH TC 67/33 is an exceptional workwear fabric engineered to meet the demands of modern industrial environments.

Key Features:

Composition: This fabric is composed of 33% cotton and 67% polyester, offering a balance between the natural comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester. This blend ensures the fabric is both soft against the skin and resistant to wear and tear.

Easy-Care Finish: Cosmo Stretch is treated with an easy-care finish, preventing wrinkles during wear and wash. This feature ensures the fabric maintains a neat and professional appearance even after multiple uses and washes.

MWR Finishing: The fabric is equipped with a special MWR (Water, Oil, and Industrial Pollution Resistant) finishing. This finishing provides robust protection against water, oil, and industrial pollutants, making it ideal for workwear in demanding industrial settings.

Resilience to Washing: Our TC can endure numerous industrial washings (up to 85°C) and drying cycles without losing its shape, color, or softness. Additionally, it is resistant to pilling, ensuring it maintains its smooth texture even after multiple washes.

Cosmo Stretch TC 67/33 MWR is the perfect choice for workwear, offering a blend of durability, comfort, and protection. Its advanced finishing and resistance to industrial washings make it a reliable fabric for those in need of long-lasting, easy-care workwear that can stand up to challenging work conditions.

Stretch Capability: The mechanical stretch in this fabric is designed to give just the right amount of elasticity. It offers a stretch primarily in the weft direction, granting flexibility for bending, reaching, and various movements typical in work environments. This feature adds a dynamic dimension to the fabric, making it suitable for workwear that demands agility and ease of motion.


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