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50% Viscose 50% Aramid

FR Viscose (Flame-Retardant Viscose) combines the comfort and breathability of viscose with flame-resistant qualities. This makes it suitable for garments and textiles requiring both comfort and fire safety, such as workwear or clothing for hazardous environments.

Fabric is perfect for:

Firefighters and First Responders: This fabric would be highly suitable for the protective clothing worn by firefighters and other first responders who are exposed to high-temperature and flame environments. The blend of Aramid and FR Viscose provides a combination of heat resistance and comfort.

Industrial Workers: Industries involving welding, metalwork, or other processes with potential fire hazards can benefit from this fabric. It offers protection against flames and sparks while keeping workers comfortable during their tasks.

Military and Law Enforcement: Personnel in military or law enforcement roles that require fire-resistant uniforms could find this fabric beneficial due to its protective properties and lightweight nature.

Utilities and Energy Sector: Workers in power plants, electrical maintenance, and similar roles might benefit from this fabric's flame resistance when dealing with potential electrical or heat-related risks.

Chemical Industry: The fabric could also be suitable for workers in chemical manufacturing or handling, where flame-resistant clothing is essential to ensure safety.

Outdoor Workers: Professionals working outdoors, such as construction workers, might appreciate the blend of protection and comfort this fabric offers.

Sports and Recreation: This fabric could even find use in sports and outdoor recreation gear, such as hiking clothing, where lightweight flame-resistant properties are desirable.


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